Outdoor Living Made Easy

Our gear collection are designed with function, practicality and style in mind. State of the art engineering & premium materials are used to create our products. The results are gears you can rely on to maximize your comfort and enjoyment for your lifestyle & adventures.

Our Story

Geartron was founded by two engineers who are outdoor sports, adventuring and travel enthusiasts. Gears & equipment are what makes our livings better in many aspects. They were often dissatisfied with many existing products on the market, which often offers imperfect or incomplete solutions.

They strongly believe that combining technology and innovative product designs can greatly improve their performance & quality of life during their ventures .

They began to utilize their technical background and outdoor expertise to experiment with new approaches to product gear designs, and make outdoor experience more convenient, enjoyable and safe (CES).

Intelligent Precision


We have an idealistic approach to products and experience with an uncompromising passion for stylish design and precise engineering.

Shaping Future


We are inspired to make the future better and have a relentless drive to innovate in order to make it happen as soon as possible.

Our Design Principles

  • User Friendly, Practical and Ready to use
  • Lifestyle of Exploration
  • Sophisticated and Advanced features
  • Stylish and Modern
  • Coherent